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Lifeline Home Gym HG002

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Experience the Magic with Lifeline Home Gym Set HG 002!

Lifeline Fitness has always amazed the Indian audience with its spectacular fitness equipment that is synonymous with quality. Branching continuously to include a vast range of fitness gears and gym accessories, Lifeline has done its best to make people initiate in fitness by developing quality products that cater to the specific needs of the masses. But this home gym equipment by far exceeds all the barriers in quality and is their best product!

With its 2-inch square heavy-duty steel tube construction, this home gym machine aids in building endurance and ultimate strength. As the system is simple to use, durable and requires less space for installation, it is suitable for both personal and commercial use.

This all-in-one gym machine supports multiple exercise functions like chest extension, low pull, rowing, peck-deck, high pull, and leg extension, which is necessary for rigorous continuous work-outs.

With its no-cable-change design, this home gym set offers more than 15 exercise options.


Perfect for regular gym sessions, this multi-gym can be used by everyone irrespective of their age to tone the muscles in the body. Ideal for everyday home use!



  • ✔ A variety of exercises can be performed on this home gym machine; Lat Pull-Back, Lat Pull-Front, Crunches, Butterfly, Rear Deltoid, Preacher Curls, Low Pulley Row, Tricep Extension, Bench Press, Military Press, Bench Row, Forearm Curl, Wrist Curl, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Side Kicks, Back Kick.
  • ✔ Total Body Conditioning And Superior Endurance With More Than 15 Exercise Options.
  • ✔ 2 Inch Square Heavy Duty Steel Tube Construction provides ultimate strength, function, and durability.
  • ✔ 60 kg weight plates set included i.e: 12 plates of 5 Kg each (Total 60 kg). 
  • ✔ This home gym equipment has easily Operateable Weight Stacks.
  • ✔ This multi exercise machine has easy-open pulley locks so you can add your own attachment as per your requirement like triceps rope, ankle straps, etc.
  • ✔ This all-in-one gym machine is easy to use, space-saving and has a no Cable Change Design.
  • ✔ Cushioned seat with sweat-proof padded foam for the user to exercise comfortably. 
  • ✔ Non-slip padded foam handles secure your ankles and legs and help in performing leg workouts comfortably by providing a cushioning effect.
  • ✔ The height of the seat is adjustable allowing the user to exercise comfortably.
  • ✔ Product Has To Be Assembled Using an Installation Manual Provided In The Package. YouTube Installation Video Shared Above. 
  • ✔ We Do Provide Onsite Installation Services on Chargeable Basis. You can install this compact home gym yourself by using this YouTube Video -> HERE
  • ✔ The item is dispatched in a wooden crate box to avoid damage during transit.
  • ✔ One of the best home gyms Made in India.
  • ✔ Box Content: A Box Contains Lifeline Home Gym Set HG 002 for Workout At Home.
  • ✔ ALL India Delivery Available, Whatsapp us for more details.

15 Exercise Options in a Single Compact Home Gym -

Specifications : 

  • ✔ Warranty = 6 months on manufacturing defects.
  • ✔ Product assembling size (set up) in inches (L) 56 x (W) 46 x (H) 82.
  • ✔ The weight of the product is 120 kg. 
  • ✔ Not for customers with a height greater than 6 feet.
  • ✔ The color of the product may vary as per the manufacturer - either Red or Black will be dispatched.


Benefits of using multigym equipment for your home gym :

  • ✔ Perform Diverse Workouts - You can perform various types of exercises for every major muscle group with this home gym.  It will give you a complete body workout using pulleys, weights, chin-ups, and many other exercises.
  • ✔ Build Muscle and Burn Fat - These home gym machines offer weighted resistance by using weight stacks and a pulley system. This makes them an ideal choice for people who are into muscle building.
  • ✔ Safe and Easy to Use - Lifeline multigyms have a very low injury rate. This is not only because the machines are easy to use, and require less coordination than free weight exercises.
  • ✔ No Need for Professional Help - The Lifeline Home Gym is self-explanatory and getting a hang of how the machine works, requires almost no effort. That is why they are one of the best fitness equipment in the market for your home.
  • ✔ Durable and Long Lasting - Multigyms are designed to be durable. They will keep your body healthy and ensure that your finances are in check by making sure you do not spend on maintenance and upkeep. All you have to do is use the machine properly and clean it from time to time.

It's easier to get fit in the comfort of your own home. The Lifeline Home Gym is a safe and easy way to increase your strength and endurance in the comfort of your home.

Most Common Buying Questions -

  • How can I pay on your website? Cashfree, CCAvenue, Paytm (all secure payment gateways). Avail EMI on credit cards too.
  • If any parts are missing or defective is received? We will send replacement / missing parts free of cost.
  • How many days for normal delivery? 15-20 days
  • How to track the status of my order? We will share the Tracking Number & link of the courier company once the order is dispatched (the order will be home delivered). You can also track the order on our website -> Here.
  • For more details, click HERE or Whatsapp us on 9872648433 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Lifeline Home Gym HG002

Rs. 16,499.00 Rs. 33,000.00

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