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Grip's Clavicle Brace | Shoulder Support (B05)

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If gone too far, a collar bone fracture may require surgery. If you are not in that serious a situation, Grip’s is here with this Clavicle brace which can pace the recovery of your injured clavicle. Specially crafted for your comfort in mind, this clavicle brace has a figure 8 design which wraps around your shoulder and neck, holding your shoulders back, giving you a firm stabilization. Designed to be worn like a backpack, the thick straps are cushioned to provide comfort to your shoulders as well as under arms, ending in a hook and loop closure in the back. Bid your slouching issues adieu. Wear this effective brace to give an excellent support to your spine as you sit up to read books or work on your computer. Get well sooner with the clavicle brace by Grip’s.


  • Has a figure 8 design for a smart look and easy application
  • Under arm axial belt
  • Size: S(26-30) ,M(30-34),L(34-38) & XL(38-42) inches
  • Contoured for comfortable fit
  • Hook and loop closure for a firm wear
  • Cushioned straps for increased comfort
  • Soft fabric which causes no discomfort
  • Effective after clavicle fractures
  • Easily washable

Grip's Clavicle Brace - No more slouching: Designed specially to provide optimal support and immobilization of your collar bone, Grip’s is here with this Clavicle brace which helps in the healing process of fractured clavicles. The figure 8 design wraps around both shoulders and neck to provide a support system to the spine and keep the clavicle stable by holding the shoulders back. Contoured for a comfortable fit, the brace has padded straps which go under your arms and sit on your shoulder without any sort of discomfort. You can wash this at ease without tampering with the softness of the fabric and use it regularly for a sooner recovery. 



Contoured Fit for Fractured Collar Bones: If you have just fractured your collar bone, Grip’s is here with a healing mantra. This Clavicle Brace has a contoured fit around your shoulders which keeps your shoulders straight,provides a support system to your spinal cord enabling your spine to be straight from your sacrum to your head and paces up the healing process.



Hook and Loop Closure: The cervical brace has a hook and loop closure which makes it even easier to wear. Just slip your arms in like you take a backpack and straighten your shoulders as your work on your computer or read a book. It restricts you from slouching, restricting further movement which might hurt your already injured collar bones and keep the spinal cord in line with your head.


Under arm Axial Belt: This cervical brace has been smartly designed to fit you perfectly without any sort of discomfort. As you slip your arms through, the padded portion of the belt falls under your arms and on your shoulder. Engineered with your comfort in mind, the axial belt does not scratch against the skin and keeps you comfortable for as long as you wear it.



Excellent Support to the Spinal Cord: Our neck is one of the vulnerable parts of our body as the nerves run up and down from the brain to the parts of the body through the cervical column. With seven tiny bones, cartilages, muscles and tendons, forming the cervical portion of the spine.  This cervical brace provides you with an ergonomic support by keeping the neck in line with your head preventing stiffness, injury and solid neck pain. The spinal cord is kept straight, just keeping the nervous system in check.



Washable: Do not worry about this clavicle brace causing any sort of skin irritation from wearing it all the time. Being made of a soft fabric, you can easily wash this brace without compromising on its softness or feel.



Durable Straps: The clavicle brace features two straps which can be worn like a bag pack, exuding a smart look for a practical issue. The straps are durable and do not tear with a tight fit with the hook and loop closure. The thick strap provides you with an appropriate level of stabilization as you go onto reading a book or work on your electronic device.

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Grip's Clavicle Brace | Shoulder Support (B05)

Rs. 473.00

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