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Actor Ram Kapoor’s Weight Loss – An Inspiration!

By Surabhi Agrawal January 13, 2020

Actor Ram Kapoor needs no introduction today! It never did earlier either as he is one of the finest actors in India!

However, today he is more popular because of his amazing weight loss transformation story (he has lost around 35 kgs) and is giving major fitness goals to the world!

Ram Kapoor's Weight Loss


At the start of Ram Kapoor’s Weight Loss Journey

I saw actor Ram Kapoor in his debut serial with his co-star (his wife now) in one of Balaji telefilms serials way back in the 90s. I instantly took a liking for him because of his decent looks (he was fit back then), amazing acting and that deep voice!

Ram Kapoor's weight loss


Cut to the 2000s and I was surprised to see a fat Ram Kapoor albeit a bit more popular, much in demand, but also growing fatter! How?

I thought that he isn't a woman as they somehow tend to always complain that we are fat because of our marriage and pregnancy issues and unable to hit the gym due to our endless responsibilities!

What was really happening with him?

Was it bloating, or did he have any health issues or was working odd hours and had eating disorders or was it just an unmanageable weight problem?

Losing weight and maintaining weight are two different things and you need to work hard on both of them in different ways.

Ram Kapoor's weight loss

So, let's take a look at how you can understand your body and work on it so that you too can transform and lose weight like Actor Ram Kapoor -

Weight-loss planning -

All of us have different body structures and hence we need to work on it differently.

We need to plan on how to go about it because weight loss requires consistent effort and cannot be left behind once you achieve a goal.

Planning is important because we need to understand whether we can do it ourselves or we need help like a dietician or we need to join the gym, do some yoga, etc. so planning is imperative!

Crash diet vs Gym vs Yoga –

A crash diet is a thing of the past that works only in some cases. Eating healthy is highly important.

Gymming again is not everybody’s cup of tea as it requires constant dedication & a trainer who can guide you to reach your fitness goals and can contribute continuously.

Yoga is a slow process. Though effective it needs to be learned appropriately and only with practice and deep knowledge will you get the results. It is a time taking process which requires years of dedication.

Surgery / weight loss tablets -

Surgery/weight loss tablets are not a good option as it is expensive and may not be a long-term solution.

Health issues -

Ever thought that you might have health issues because of which you are not able to lose your weight.

Many health problems like thyroid, diabetes, diseases like PCOS/PCOD, post-pregnancy issues, Menopause may have been the reason behind that bloating or constant body weight.

In today's times, more common problems are depression, odd/late working hours, eating disorders that contribute mainly for that flab on the stomach with just does not budge despite rigorous exercising.

Managing weight after weight loss

Even if you are successful in losing weight, do you know how to manage it constantly?

Maintaining weight is equally important as losing weight. You need to plan and work hard on it all the time.

Eating carefully is extremely important. Think beyond calories while eating. Small meals in short intervals with the right amount of nutrients is important.

If Gym is not your thing or you do not have the time. Think of an activity-based workout. it could be walking, cycling, hiking or any other indoor activities that make it fun to work out.

Home Gym. Many people nowadays invest in a home gym rather than going to a gym in the neighborhood as it saves time and money.

Investment –

Yes, investment. How? Well, health and fitness require an equal amount of investment like in anything that you do.

Time is one factor you need to give regularly to take care of your health.

Money - nowadays there are lots of diet apps, diet food, fitness equipment available online that will help you achieve your fitness goal in your required time and budget.

Constant dedication and planning from workout goals to meals everything needs to be planned appropriately so that you are managing that weight loss effectively.

There, we have discussed how you can understand your body to plan on the transformation you are looking for. Yes, it will not happen instantly and requires constant hard work and planning. But the results will be extremely satisfactory and the weight loss transformation will be gratifying!

Ram Kapoor's weight loss

Ram Kapoor's astounding body transformation is truly an inspiration – its possible now or never!

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