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Aerobic exercises are a great way to keep your body fit and healthy.

They strengthen the heart, improve aerobic capacity, and increase endurance among other benefits.

If you don't have time to go to the gym or would rather exercise at home, there are plenty of aerobic exercises that can be done with just some simple equipment such as an aerobic step bench or dumbbells.

Here we will discuss aerobic exercises for beginners and how they can benefit your health!

How to do Aerobic Exercise

Before you start any aerobic exercise, it is important to know how to do them properly.

There are many aerobic exercise videos on YouTube that will give you great demonstrations on the proper way to perform aerobic exercises.

If you already have some experience with these types of workouts, here are a few tips on ways you can make aerobic exercises more challenging.

Increase the intensity of aerobic exercises by performing them faster while still maintaining proper form.

You can also increase resistance by holding weights while doing aerobic exercises which will work your core, arms, and legs even more!

However, if you are a beginner, read on to find some simple aerobic exercise that you can do from home, to begin with.

How Aerobic Exercises can Benefit You

Aerobic exercises are great for your health because they strengthen the heart and lungs, improve aerobic capacity, increase endurance while also burning calories.

Many individuals trying to lose weight by performing aerobic workouts however it is important not to focus on this aspect but rather on the benefits of aerobic exercise itself. You will likely see results if aerobic exercises are performed regularly.

Here is a list of some aerobic exercise benefits:

  • Improves heart and lung function.
  • Increases aerobic capacity (the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during intense physical activity).
  • Burns calories and fat that leads to weight loss.
  • Muscle toning which will lead to increased lean muscle mass.
  • increases aerobic endurance which helps the muscles work for longer periods of time without fatigue.

Not only do aerobic exercises burn calories, but they also tone your core and other problem areas!

There are many benefits to performing aerobic exercise so whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to improve your health, aerobic exercises are for you!

Just a half-hour workout for you can do wonders for your body!

Few At-Home Exercises

Aerobic exercises are great to perform at home with just some simple equipment.

If you are new to aerobic exercises, start out by doing low-impact aerobic workouts.

Low impact aerobic exercises are easier on your joints and feet while still providing many benefits for your health!

Some examples of aerobic exercises (low-intensity) include walking, jogging in place, hiking up stairs or hills, biking at a slow pace around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.

Here are some examples of aerobic exercises that you can do easily at home :

1. Try jumping jacks to get your blood flowing.

2. Stairs are a great way to burn calories and work on your balance; try alternating between walking up the stairs at a normal pace, then running up the stairs as fast as you can.

3. Squeeze in some arm exercises by doing bicep curls with soup cans or water bottles (make sure they're full!).

4. Play around with push-ups - do them on both knees for an easier version, or on one knee for a more challenging workout.

5. Use weights! Fill old milk jugs with water and use them as dumbbells.

6. Try burpees (a mix of a push-up and jumping jack).

7. Squat jumps (jump as high as possible with your knees bent, then squat down into a regular standing position, repeat).

The best part about these exercises is that you can take breaks whenever you need to without feeling guilty! Just make sure not to overdo it so that you don't injure yourself.

Aerobic Exercises With Equipment

Using equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines can help you have a great aerobic exercise workout. You can try these at home or go to a gym nearby.

Stationary Bike:

Riding a stationary bike (exercise cycle, spin bike) for 35 to 45 minutes, 3 times per week is a great option for a low-impact cardio workout.

This low-impact activity might help you build leg strength.

If you're riding at home, keep the bike seat height adjusted to maintain a 5- to 10-degree bend in your knee before reaching full extension.

Stationary bikes are easy to use, improve aerobic fitness, and promote lower-body strength.

If you're new to aerobic exercise, riding a stationary bike might be a good way for you to get started.


For aerobic exercise, running on a treadmill is the preferred method.

While this aerobic activity can be strenuous for beginners, it's an effective aerobic workout and a great cardiovascular workout to burn calories and get faster results than jogging outside in many cases.

If you're just getting started with aerobic activities or want low-impact aerobic exercise, walking on a treadmill is a great method.

It's easy to set goals and track your progress with this aerobic activity because you can usually adjust the speed of the belt as well as the incline level.


Aerobic workouts on an elliptical trainer can be a great aerobic exercise in many cases.

If you're new to aerobic activities, this low-impact activity might allow you to get started without any pain or injury-related issues.

The machine has moving handles that provide excellent upper body work when used for aerobic exercises so it's perfect for people looking for aerobic workouts.

It's a good aerobic exercise that allows you to control the pace, and it can be low-impact or high intensity depending on how hard you push yourself.

Treadmill and Elliptical:

A treadmill and an elliptical trainer are great aerobic exercises when used independently but even more effective if used together.

As aerobic activities, both of these machines offer the benefits of aerobic exercise with low impact on your joints and muscles so you can get fit without risking injury or pain.

If you're looking for aerobic workouts to do at home, using a treadmill and an elliptical trainer are good options that will allow you to choose different speeds and inclines to get the aerobic exercise that's challenging enough for your fitness goals.

Using both machines will help you burn calories, improve aerobic fitness, and strengthen the muscles of the lower body.

It can be a great way to lose weight with aerobic exercises by using these at-home aerobic workouts in combination on different days of the week.


A bench is a good aerobic exercise if you don't have access to aerobic equipment.

It's an effective aerobic workout and can be done with bodyweight resistance as long as the height of the bench is adjustable so you won't put too much pressure on your joints or muscles when using it for aerobic exercises.

If you're looking for aerobic workouts at home, using a bench is one of the best options to get aerobic exercise with a low impact on your joints and muscles.


Dumbbell aerobic exercises are a great aerobic workout, but using the right weight is important.

If you're just starting out with aerobic activities or looking for low-impact aerobic exercise, dumbbell aerobic workouts can be a good method to get started and burn calories without risking injury.

You should select weights that will allow you to do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, and you might want to start with a lighter weight that will allow you to still be able to do aerobic exercises after 15 minutes or so.

If it's too heavy, it could cause muscle fatigue within the first few minutes of aerobic activity which can put a strain on your joints as well.

Dumbbell aerobic exercises are a great aerobic workout for beginners because they allow you to control the pace of aerobic activity with your own body weight.

If you're just starting out, this aerobic exercise is a good method that's a low impact on your joints and won't cause muscle fatigue or risk of injury easily.

Outdoors / Group Classes

If you don't want to train alone, a group class can provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Try the following at home (online) or visit a local center:

Cardio Kickboxing:

Cardio kickboxing aerobic exercises are a great aerobic workout if you're looking for something more interesting than jogging or elliptical workouts at home.

Kickboxing is an aerobic activity that allows you to burn calories and improve aerobic fitness as well as strengthen the muscles of your lower body so it's one of the best methods when done regularly.

Kickboxing aerobic exercise is a good aerobic workout because it allows you to burn calories quickly and strengthen the muscles of your lower body.

They can be a great way to improve aerobic fitness, lose weight, build muscle mass, or tone up depending on what your goals are with aerobic activities.

If you're looking for an effective method to get aerobic exercise, kickboxing aerobic workouts are one of the best options to try.


If you're looking for aerobic workouts at home or aerobic activity that's more interesting than an elliptical, treadmill, and other aerobic machines, Zumba is one of the best trending options to try.

Zumba is good for your heart, improves coordination, tapers your entire body, and can help you relax.

It can be a great aerobic workout for weight loss and it is fun to do so most people won't even think of it as hard work.

There's no need to buy any equipment such as an aerobic machine or weights - all you really need are comfortable clothes.

If you want aerobic workouts at home, try Zumba or other aerobic exercise options that are fun to do so it doesn't feel like work!

Final Thoughts

Aerobic exercises are considered aerobic because they elevate the heart rate and cause a person to breathe more quickly.

They typically involve repetitive movements with large muscle groups for sustained periods of time, which makes them an aerobic activity.

Aerobic exercises can be done anywhere and anytime to reap benefits for your health.

The benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous, including weight loss, increased energy levels, lower blood pressure rates.

Above we have mentioned many at-home aerobic exercise methods that can be done with or without equipment.

Remember, with regular aerobic exercise and healthy food you can be fit, healthy, and attractive in no time!

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