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Boost Immunity with Black Water

Black water is a brand new alkaline water that has been making waves in the fitness and lifestyle world.

It’s being lauded as a healthy alternative to traditional drinking water, but does black water have any benefits?

What are the ingredients of evocus black water?

How do you know if you’re allergic to it or not? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

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## What is Black Water?

Drinking black water is the latest trend in India.

The name evocus, which means "black" in Latin, comes from its dark color and high alkalinity.

Black water is a type of alkaline water that has been infused with activated charcoal.

The evocus black water product line claims to have high levels of antioxidants and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

It is said to have an alkaline pH level greater than 7, which is pH level of all water.

Black water comes in different forms, including black drinks like shots or capsules, so you can consume it any way that suits your preferences.

You can also buy bottled evocus black drinking water which contains less than five calories per bottle.

There are no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or coloring added.

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Benefits of Drinking Black Water

## Benefits of Drinking Black Water

There are many benefits of drinking evocus black water, such as detoxing the body and hair, restoring pH balance to normal levels, improving bone health, etc. Here are a few more.

  • It has no added chemicals or salt and can be consumed on a daily basis.
  • Evocus black water is claimed to have many benefits, including reducing blood pressure and giving you more energy.
  • It also helps with detoxification by flushing out harmful toxins in your body.
  • Some studies found that evocus naturally has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce inflammation in the digestive system after eating meals high in fat or processed foods.
  • Black water is also said to be beneficial for reproductive health, thanks to the presence of antioxidants like selenium and zinc in it.
  • There are many more benefits attributed to drinking evocus black water online; however, scientific studies on these benefits are still limited.
  • Some experts believe that the black water’s health claims may be exaggerated and that it doesn’t offer any special benefits over regular drinking water.

But as of now, Black water or Alkaline water is a brand new alkaline water that has been making waves in the fitness and lifestyle world. Celebrities are going gaga over it due to its alkaline properties.

Explore what black drinking water is all about with the Evocus H2O India's first alkaline black water enriched with 70+ minerals!

## Allergies to Black Water

  • Allergies you may experience from drinking black water include rash, swelling in the face or tongue, itching, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.
  • These symptoms are likely due to the activated charcoal in black water, which acts as an absorber of many chemicals and toxins.
  • This can include some food ingredients that you may be allergic to or sensitive to.
  • If you experience any of these symptoms after drinking black water, it’s best to see your doctor for advice on whether you’re allergic to the ingredients.

## Tips for Getting Started with Drinking Black Water

  • Before you start drinking evocus black water, it’s best to consult your doctor.
  • You may also want to check with a nutritionist or dietician before beginning any new kind of dietary regimen.
  • However, one tip for getting started is that the activated charcoal in black water can absorb some nutrients from food and drinks consumed along with it.
  • So if you’re planning to drink black water after meals, make sure that you eat healthy enough so the activated charcoal doesn’t absorb all your vitamins and minerals!
  • Also, remember to start slow with evocus black water; drinking too much of it at once can lead to diarrhea or vomiting. Drink just a glass of black water in the morning to start.
  • After a while, you can increase your intake according to what works best for you!

## Things to Avoid when Drinking Black Water

  • Before you start drinking evocus black water, make sure to avoid some foods and beverages.
  • Do not drink black water when pregnant and it is definitely not for kids, infants.
  • Those who are diabetic should consult their doctor before drinking evocus water.
  • Do not consume dairy products like milk or yogurt along with the activated charcoal in black water as this can cause constipation.
  • Evocus also contains magnesium carbonate which makes it harder for your body to absorb calcium from other sources, so eat plenty of calcium-rich foods like dairy products.
  • Also, avoid acidic drinks such as soda or fruit juices when drinking black water; this can reduce the effectiveness of Evocus' alkalizing properties and cancel out its effects on your pH levels. In other words, it defeats the purpose!
  • Finally, make sure to drink plenty of water when you’re drinking evocus black water; the activated charcoal will absorb some of your body’s H20, so it is important to replenish after.

## Review of Evocus H2O - India's First Black Water

Evocus H2O is India's First Black Alkaline Water With 70+ Natural Minerals, 8+ pH Alkaline Water.


  • The 70+ Natural Minerals are sourced from a rare source in Texas, USA. 
  • They claim that each bottle is untouched by human hand so you get pure & natural black alkaline water.
  • 100% Organic Minerals.
  • This alkaline water provides better detoxification and heightened alertness day in day out.
  • Evocus H2O provides a feel-good factor, is a style statement, and can be a game-changer with just one bottle.


1. It boosts metabolism, increases hydration, and enhances endurance keeping fit and energetic throughout the day.

2. Evocus H2O alkaline water does not have any taste, so it is easy to consume like regular water.

3. The evocus black water brand claims to have hydration and detoxifying function so it can help promote better skin health, as well as offer anti-inflammatory benefits too.

4. According to some users, evocus can even help with acne because of its detoxifying properties!

5. However, it contains activated charcoal and calcium sulfate (which gives the water its color), according to the brand’s website.

6. Great for athletes as it provides the necessary hydration.

7. Few users like to have it chilled.

8. It can be used for cooking purposes to infuse minerals in your food, provided the temperature stays under 300 Celsius.


1. This alkaline water is a little pricey.

2. In terms of Evocus black water ingredients, there is no nutritional label available online.

3. Not suited for all body types, ensure that you read all the tips and check for allergies before buying one.

Remember, this alkaline water is not a miracle product if you are looking for weight reduction, one must include this along with daily exercise routine!

## Conclusion

To sum it up, black water or alkaline water contains activated charcoal that can remove toxins and absorb some nutrients.

The black water itself doesn't have any taste.

Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha swear by it for its beauty benefits! So should you try this new exciting product?

It's definitely a unique experience and could be beneficial to your health, which is why it’s attracting fitness lovers. Try Evocus H2O, India's First Black Alkaline Water with 70+ Minerals, and see the benefits for yourself!

If you’re interested in trying out this new type of water, be sure to check the ingredients for any known allergens before purchasing a product.

But don’t forget that all evocus products are tested rigorously for their nutritional and therapeutic benefits and come with one of the most popular and trusted brand names.

So, don’t hesitate to give black water a try if you want an alkaline drink that can detoxify your body while providing essential nutrients like electrolytes!

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  • Black water? To be honest, I am hearing of it for the first or second time, but a health freak like me will try it. Though, the benefits sound like the numerous ones I have read for alkaline water and hydrogen water. I hope the allergy part doesn’t apply to me. Thanks for the info, though!

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