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Spin Bike - Why It's Different from Other Exercise Bikes

By Surabhi Agrawal September 23, 2021

Viva Fitness KH 153 Spin Bike

When people are looking for a way to exercise, a spin bike is an option that many overlook. 

This blog post will explore the differences between spin bikes and other exercise bikes so you can see why spin bikes may be perfect for your needs!

##What is the Spin Bike?

The spin bike is designed differently than other exercise bikes. It has a stationary seat and pedals that you push to create momentum.  It is more like an outdoor bike. 

The spin bike was originally invented for indoor spin classes, where people would ride the spin bikes in a group setting led by an instructor. 

Nowadays, spin bikes are typically used at home or in fitness facilities to cycle indoors. 

Some spin bikes have monitors on them so you can track your speed and workout progress. 

Spin bikes are becoming increasingly popular because spinners tend to burn more calories than cyclists on traditional stationary exercise bikes, and spin bike workouts give you a better workout than riding outside.

##Why is it different from other exercise bikes?

One of the most significant distinctions between spin bikes and other exercise bike is the flywheel. The weight of the flywheel, to be precise.

The spin bike flywheel is much heavier than the exercise bikes you’ll find at your local gym or in spin classes, which makes it more challenging to pedal.

The spinners are designed with a variable-resistance system that allows them to mimic real road conditions when cycling outdoors.

The level of difficulty can be adjusted by changing the resistance on the spin bike, so spinners can work out at their own pace.

In addition to being one of the most popular indoor exercise bikes, spinners are often used as a recovery tool for professional athletes.

Professional cyclists have been known to use spin bikes as part of their training regimen between races and competitions.

By using spin bikes after intense races, they can recover and spin in between competition seasons.

Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike

##How does it work?

  • Position -  spin bikes are designed to mimic riding a bicycle outside. The spin bikes have two pedals, which you’ll put your feet on when you get on the spin bike and push down with your legs in order to turn the flywheel.  When doing this movement, make sure that you keep your back straight and don't lean.
  • Intensity -  spin bikes are designed to increase your heart rate. To make spinners more challenging, try increasing the resistance level on spin bikes. You can also adjust how far you move your legs when pedaling by adjusting the knob below each of the pedals.  This will determine how fast you pedal and the intensity of the spin bike workout.
  • Seat Adjustment -  spin bikes are designed to replicate the feel of riding a spin bike outside. The spinners have adjustable seats, so you can make yourself comfortable on your spin bike workout by moving the seat up or down as you please to adjust to fit your body height.

## What are the benefits of using a spin bike?

There are many benefits to using the spin bike including weight loss, increased cardiovascular health, increased muscle strength, increased bone density, and improved mental health.

You can also use spin bikes for interval training, which is alternating between periods of high-intensity work and low-intensity activity.

For example, if you spin bike for half an hour at a high intensity and then spin bike for fifteen minutes at a low intensity.

Weight Loss
-  spin bikes are designed to increase your heart rate and burn calories while increasing muscle strength. This will help you lose weight quickly in comparison with other types of exercise equipment that don't increase your heart rate.

Increased Cardiovascular Health - spin bikes are designed to increase the strength of your cardiovascular system and burn more calories than other types of exercise equipment such as rowing machines or treadmills because spinners require you to work harder to pedal, which makes spin bike workouts effective at increasing aerobic fitness levels in a shorter period of time.

Increased muscle strength -  spin bikes are designed to increase strength by providing you with a full-body workout. Many spin bike workouts incorporate upper body movements such as pulling on the handlebars or pushing down on either of the two pedals.

Increased Bone Density - spinners use both your lower and upper body, which can help strengthen bones in different areas of your legs.

Improved Mental Health -  spin bikes are designed to also improve mental health, which spin bike workouts can be a good way for people with anxiety or depression because spin bikes provide you with a distraction from your thoughts.  If you have trouble focusing on negative thoughts during spin bike workouts, spinners can help bring positivity into your life by helping you focus more on staying active and healthy.

Spin Bike Benefits

##Who can use one?

Anyone can use a spin bike.

People of all fitness levels and abilities can benefit from using spin bikes at home or in a gym because spinners provide you with an intense workout that provides many benefits to your health.

- Anyone who wants to improve cardiovascular health  - Those looking for weight loss assistance  - People recovering from injury (spin bike workouts can be a low-impact way to get back into working out)  - Anyone with anxiety or depression ( spin bike workouts can provide you with an escape from your thoughts, which helps bring positivity into your life)

Here is a spin bike workout for beginners:

- Warm-up by spinning at an easy resistance level for five minutes  - Alternate between two sets of 30 seconds on, one minute off (30 seconds high intensity, one-minute low intensity)  - Cool down with four to five minutes of spin biking at an easy resistance level

Pro tip: You should spin at a faster cadence to increase the intensity of spin bike workouts. Make sure you are able to spin your legs quickly without feeling like it is difficult for you to keep up with the high-intensity portion of spin bikes. If not, then reduce the resistance level and slowly build your way back up to spin at a faster cadence.

Spin bikes are designed for anyone looking to improve cardiovascular health, burn calories quickly, lose weight fast and build muscle mass - all without having to leave home or your gym.

A spin bike can help you achieve any of these goals because spinners provide intense workouts that keep your heart rate up, which helps you burn more calories quickly.

Spin Bike & Its Uses

##When should you not use a spin bike?

-If you have any injuries to your lower back or neck.

-Avoid spin bikes if you are pregnant, as it is possible that jarring movements could cause problems for the baby. 

-If you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation then spin bike cycling won’t be beneficial since it will not provide much cardiovascular benefit.

-If you are new to spin bike cycling, start with low resistance and make sure the seat is adjusted before starting. 

-It can be uncomfortable for some people to use spin bikes as they like to stand up when exercising whereas spin bikes force users into a seated position throughout their workout which could also lead to discomfort or injury. 

-If you have very tight hamstrings or other leg injuries, spin bike cycling may cause problems. 

-People who are taller than average will find that spin bikes can feel cramped and uncomfortable as the seat is not adjustable. People under five foot four height should be able to use spin bikes without problems. 

-If you have joint issues, spin bike cycling may not be for you as the movement is limited and it can place too much stress on your joints. 

-People with a poor sense of balance should avoid spin bikes or practice using them before attempting to use one in public. 

-If you suffer from cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, spin bike cycling may cause problems for you, so consult a medical professional before taking up spin biking. 

-Spin Bike Cycling is not recommended if your legs are at least slightly larger than average as the seat can be made of unforgiving material and spin bikes do not have adjustable seats.


Spin bike cycling can be a great way to start an active lifestyle, get in shape, and stay healthy. 

A spin bike can be used by people of all ages, sizes, abilities, and fitness levels so anyone with an interest in staying active should consider spin biking. 

It's important to remember that spin bike cycling is not an alternative for cardiovascular exercise but it is still beneficial and can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle! 

If you are looking for a workout regimen at home or on the go, consider picking up one of these spin bikes today! 

Let us know what questions you have about exercising at home and we'll help guide you through our selection process to find the perfect piece of exercise equipment for your needs!

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