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Best Fitness Tracker In India (Top 8 Smart Bands)

By Surabhi Agrawal October 19, 2021

Best Fitness Tracker Gadgets for Health

One of the big fitness trends in today's health industry is fitness gadgets.

We are seeing fitness trackers that monitor your heart rate, fitness bands that measure steps taken, and activity monitors for swimmers.

With these gadgets at your disposal, you don't have to go to the gym!

There are many portable fitness gadgets in the market today that help people stay fit from home or when they're on the go.

## Stay Fit on the Go: 8 Portable Fitness Gadgets in India

A fitness band is a great way to stay fit and healthy on the go, especially if you live in India!

Do your research before purchasing one; make sure it has all of the features that are important to you.

For example: does it have GPS tracking? What about heart rate monitoring? Many fitness bands also allow you to stay connected, whether that means sending and receiving text messages or playing music wirelessly.

There are fitness bands for every fitness level from beginner to advanced! Stay fit on the go with a fitness band!

Best Fitness Tracker Gadgets for Health

## List of 8 Best Fitness Bands in India

So which fitness bands should one go for? What features do they have?

Here is a list of the best fitness bands that are currently in the market and have been voted as best fitness bands for India:

Read about the features of each of these best fitness tracker in India below - 

Best Fitness Tracker Gadgets for Health
  • This fitness tracker is the newest edition to the fitness tracking family.
  • Its sleek and stylish design makes it perfect for both men and women who are looking for a fitness band that looks great with any outfit.
  • The Fitbit Inspire tracks heart rate, daily activities like steps taken, distance walked/run, calories burned all day and night, sleep cycle analysis, and fitness level.
  • It also has personalized fitness plans to help you meet your fitness goals!
  • You can easily track your fitness data on the Fitbit app.
  • This fitness tracker is compatible with Android and iOS devices- just download the Fitbit App to set it up.
  • Battery life of 5 days keeps you on the go without constant charging.
  • If you're a fitness enthusiast, the Polar M430 fitness watch is for you!
  • This fitness tracker monitors your activity, calories burned, and heart rate in real-time.
  • It has an always-on color touch screen display that's crisp and easy to read even in sunlight.
  • You can easily sync this fitness watch with your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth.
  • The fitness tracker is waterproof and has a battery that can last up to 30 hours when in GPS mode!
  • You get access to fitness activity reports, smartphone notifications, weather updates, and sports mode coaching on your fitness watch display.
  • This fitness watch is compatible with the Polar Flow app which you can download on your phone.
  • This fitness watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices running on v.21 or higher of the operating system, as well as Windows Phone devices via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can easily set up your fitness tracker through Polar FlowSync software installed on your computer.
  • If you're into outdoor sports like cycling, hiking, or swimming, this fitness watch is the one for you!
  • You get more than 20 fitness activities to choose from on your fitness tracker display.
  • Samsung Gear Fit fitness band helps you get fit and stay connected.
  • The band comes with a GPS tracker, heart rate monitor, and notifications for calls, texts, music playback controls, and more.
  • Despite featuring all the bells and whistles of an advanced fitness device in India, Samsung Gear Fit Pro is surprisingly lightweight on your wrist.
  • With water resistance up to 50 meters, fitness tracking is a breeze.
  • If fitness isn't your top priority, you will love the dual-layer AMOLED touchscreen display that keeps you in touch with notifications and messages.
  • You can also use it as a remote to take pictures or play music when paired with compatible Samsung devices.
  • With everything this fitness band offers, if fitness is on your mind, nothing beats Samsung Gear Fit fitness band.
  • This fitness gadget is a great fitness band. It tracks steps, distance, and calories burned using its 24/seven-step counter. 
  • It also has the ability to track sleep quality, which allows you to see how well your sleeping patterns are throughout the night.
  • The ColorFit Pro 2's lightweight polycarbonate case makes it featherlight on your wrist.
  • The Noise ColorFit Pro 2 can function for more than a week without requiring to be charged. It includes a magnetic supplier for charging.
  • The ColorFit Pro 2 is IP68 waterproof, allowing you to sweat as much as desired and even use it in the rain.
  • Features include Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep & Step Tracker, Call & Message Alerts & more.
  • The watch is compatible with all mobiles of Bluetooth v4.2 and iOS9+.
  • You can choose between different color bands for this device depending on your outfit of the day.

This is one of India's best fitness trackers - why? Well, there are many reasons for that!

  • Price point - one of the major reasons why this band is so popular. It is extremely affordable and comes with loads of features.
  • Loads of features - 11 professional sports tracking modes (including Yoga and Rope skipping). Makes it one of the many reasons for buying this fitness tracker.
  • PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) – One single matrix to keep track of all of your fitness-related activities.
  • Battery Life - The Mi Smart Band 5's 125 mAh battery can last up to 14 days on a single charge.
  • Dispay - Large 1.1” Full touch AMOLED color display for easy to read modes. Magnetic charging provides a Hassle free charging.
  • Monitoring - Reduce stress with Mi Smart band's stress monitoring feature with guided breathing exercise to assist you relax.
  • Women Friendly - Menstrual cycle monitoring, as well as notification of other health conditions, are included especially for Women. A lot of the most common menstrual cycle symptoms are identified in this app, including absence of periods. There's also a period tracker and notification for women who have irregular cycles or no flow at all.
  • Sleep Tracking - The device also offers you the chance to track your sleep. It also monitors REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep, which is considered a deeper level of sleep that occurs during non-REM periods in the night.
  • Water resistant - The Mi Smart Band is 50m water resistant for tracking of your swimming activity as well.
  • Compatibility - Compatible with android 5.0 and above and ios 10 and above.
  • Affordable - The Mi smart band provides a lot of features and is extremely affordable at the same time. This makes it one of the best fitness bands in India especially with all its features available for such an attractive price point!
  • OnePlus is a fitness and lifestyle brand, and the fitness band offers features for both fitness freaks as well as casual users. It has an OLED display quality that is superb and tracks your fitness stats throughout the day.
  • While there are fitness trackers that offer more exercise modes, the OnePlus Smart Band is unique in its blood oxygen saturation (SpO) and heart rate monitoring capabilities.
  • OnePlus Smart Band: 13 Exercise Modes, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO), Heart Rate & Sleep Tracking, Water Resistant up to 50m., OLED Display for fitness stats and battery life indicator.
  • The battery life of this device lasts up to 14 days on one charge which is absolutely amazing! However, few users felt that in actual it lasts for up to 7 to 9 days without charging.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracking:The device comes with a Heart Rate monitor and sleep tracking capability which is really useful for fitness enthusiasts to keep their fitness goals on track. It also tracks blood oxygen saturation (SpO) which is an important fitness parameter.
  • Water Resistance:The device comes with water resistance up to 50 meters, making it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions. This fitness band also supports the multipurpose of swimming as well.
  • Compatibility: It also supports both iOS and Android devices with the fitness app available for download from Google Play Store as well as AppStore.
  • Affordability: The fitness band from OnePlus is extremely affordable and offers a lot of features for the price which makes it one of the best fitness bands in India. In particular, its features attract fitness enthusiasts who are looking to buy good fitness tracker at an attractive budget range!
  • Fastrack Reflex fitness tracker is a stylish fitness band that helps you track your physical activities and fitness goals.
  • It comes in 4 dual tone designs to match your style and has 20 bandfaces to match your many moods.
  • It tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep quality to help users stay fit on the go.
  • The fitness activity tracker has 10+ modes that monitors your routine while at work or play so you can easily monitor your fitness levels without being intrusive.
  • It is water resistant IP68, has around 10 days of charging capacity and comes with a magnetic charger.
  • Use the daily tasks feature and leaderboard with the Fastrack Reflex World App.
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
  • Comfortable, stylish silicone straps that do not cause too much sweat. Full touch color display.
  • Fastrack Reflex fitness band is the perfect solution to stay fit on your daily commute or at work when there is little time to make it to the fitness center.
  • The Fastrack reflex fitness band is a budget friendly tracker that appeals to the youth.
  • It works well for fitness enthusiasts and casual fitness tracker users.
  • With a comfortable design, the fitness band from Fastrack is one of the best fitness bands in India that you can buy under Rs 2000. It offers great features for its price point!
  • The OPPO Smart Band is another great fitness gadget that can be worn in the comfort of your home too!
  • It features a heart rate sensor and fitness tracker to help you develop better health habits while also providing you with continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring. 12 workout modes to track along with message, call & alarm notifications.
  • Lightweight with a big and beautiful 1.1" Amoled Display screen that is scratch resistant.
  • The fitness tracker comes in a beautiful, sleek design that allows you to keep track of your fitness goals and health without having to worry about wearing it all day long!
  • Water resistant makes it comfortable to wear in a pool, beach or even in the shower.
  • The fitness band can be worn for up to twelve days on one charge as well, making it an even more convenient choice.
  • 40+ faces to show off your personal style and mood. Comes with an extra strap free, so change it to flaunt new style as per the occasion.
  • Although it mentions support for both Android & iOS, the last update mentioned that it supports only the android devices with version 6 or above.
  • A great buy for all age groups!
Best Fitness Tracker Gadgets for Health

## Conclusion

The above are all fitness gadgets that can be used to stay fit on the go! They're all really convenient because they work wirelessly, don't need charging often, and have a great battery life so you can use them during workouts without worrying about them dying on you halfway through your routine!

These gadgets make it easy to track your progress as well as set goals for yourself - not to mention they come in a variety of colors too

I hope this article helps you find some cool gadgets that will help keep you healthy while still being able to enjoy your time off from school or at work.

Remember, fitness is important to everyone - it doesn't matter what your fitness goals are as long as you keep trying and never give up!

All the above gadgets are great gifting ideas for friends & family and can easily suit your budget!

"Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase."

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