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Dumbbells - benefits for ladies?

By Surabhi Agrawal October 03, 2020

Yes, you heard that right!

Although, dumbbells & chest exercises are more popular among men and women always prefer full-body workouts focusing on fitness than building muscles.

Dumbbells have benefits for ladies as they are used by them to keep fit. 

Check out our exercises to get the most out of it.

Dumbbell Workout for Ladies

Dumbbells are known to be effective in developing great chest muscles but they can be used in numerous other exercises making it suitable as a full body exercise equipment for the ladies. 

Exercises for Women

The one-arm row is one such exercise that can be used by women to develop their back muscles which use the aid of a low platform. 

This also helps in the development of the biceps muscles. One point that can be made for the choice of equipment is the choice of the fixed or adjustable weight dumbbells.

While it is true that for chest muscle the weight of the dumbbells needs to be upgraded to ensure proper workout as the muscles develop it is not of such high importance for women.

Total Workout with Dumbbells

Women can use three sets of dumbbells for exercise graded low, medium, and high weight as per their strength. 

The hammer curl is one such exercise for women that exercise alternating sides of the body which focus on balance rather than the weight of the dumbbell pointing out the issue mentioned.

The effectiveness of the common dumbbell exercises like overhead press or chest press using a flat bench is also an effective option for women which helps in moderate development of the chest and upper body. 

This marks the possibility of women using dumbbells in their daily workout routine which replaces many other specialized fitness equipment available in the gym.

*Video Courtesy - Athlean-XX for Women (YouTube) 

Therefore, this is an effective alternative for women working out at home which makes the dumbbells effective exercise equipment for women focusing on fitness more than muscle development.

The same is possible for lower body and core strengthening exercises. 

For example, the lunge or squat can be done without dumbbells to help develop the thigh muscles. 

However, adding medium-weight dumbbells to each hand while doing these exercises can help add an element of balance which is harder to maintain with the added weight of the dumbbells.

Dumbbell benefits for Ladies

Therefore, while women perform these exercises with dumbbells, the smaller muscles on both sides of the body are forced to work harder to maintain the balance making the exercise more effective as the strain of the muscles are essential for the development of the muscles.

For exercises like seated rotations, holding the arms wide with dumbbells in each hand can increase the strain further as the weights tend to drift downwards and outwards and the muscles on the arms and shoulder have to strain to keep the weights in the place which puts the entire strain of the rotations in the core muscles. 

Thus, the effectiveness of the exercise increases several folds marking the effectiveness of adding dumbbells to common freehand exercises which allow the women to have better results in flexibility and muscle development with the help of dumbbells.

Seated Dumbbell Exercise


There is a range of freehand exercises for different parts of the body that are usually preferred by women like bird-dog abdominal exercise, lunges, seated rotations, and crunches along with their numerous modifications. 

Many of these exercises can yield better results with the added weight of dumbbells in the hands which makes them more effective. Therefore, it is easy to see that with the time limitations and physical capability of women it is possible to get better results while using dumbbells of different weights.


Generally, it is important to stretch before doing any other exercise to minimize the risk of tearing and over straining of the muscles. 

Therefore, women can use dumbbells after doing one set without the added weights of the dumbbells making the muscles more pliant. 

It is easy to see that dumbbells are equally effective in developing pectoral and arm muscles and increasing overall fitness making it an effective fitness aid for women.

Did we miss any dumbbell exercises that benefit you ladies for a maximum workout? Do share with us.

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